When we first met him, Cylver was named "Carlos", but somehow we couldn't really see calling a cat Carlos. If he were a jackal, it might have been a different story.

Cylly is not a Russian Blue, no matter how he spells his name. (But what does he know - he's a cat).

Being long haired, Cylver is - as far as we can tell - a non-purebred blue silver Somali, with sorrel ticking. Were he short haired, he'd be an Abyssinian. If you stare long enough into him, he will stare abysmally back into you.

We call for him out our back door:

Hi-Ho Cylver!

And when he is in a hungry Latino mood, we sing to him:

Please purr for me Argentino,
(I feed ya, Purr-on).