First Day
Twenty Lakes Basin

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After a rough sleepless night, Stella and Frank somnambulated up the stairs to the coffee machine and tea kettle where they found exuberantly awake David and Bill attempting to communicate with them. Bill and David had been waiting impatiently all morning, since sunrise, for them to get up, while we desperately attempted to wrestle at least a half hour of sleep from the tough night after all. Finally we had to give - and get - up. Later we found out that nobody else had slept either, but as they weren't such wimps, they didn't need sleep.

Anyway, too early for us, too late for Bill and David, Alice and Ron arrived right on schedule, and we piled into two cars towards our first hike. An hour's drive brought us back near Tioga Pass and up a rough dirt road, along which the Saturn had to creep on its belly, lest it break an axle, to the Twenty Lakes Basin, where we boarded a water taxi over Saddlebag Lake. The hike was short and easy, but for the "clinker" fields which would love to have broken us an ankle. About 5.5 miles (9 km) and 750 ft (230 m) climbing.

I also recommend highly Bill's Twenty Lakes Photos!

2nd Day - Two Teats  
3rd Day - The Way to Conness  

Two Teats