The Way to Conness 1


Conness 2
At the camping ground parking lot we found Bill's van. We also found this motorcycle, whose seat had been mauled. Several people told us about bears. A black bear and a brown one. The black one was nice enough, but the brown one was more of a problem. It seems that he had been breaking into cars the last few days, raking its claws over the roof and peeling open the door like a banana Several cars had been ruined, including a brand new SUV which went straight to the junk yard.

As an attempt was just in progress to flush the bear out of the park, hence the helicopter up there, we made sure that nothing edible was left in the car, and began our hike anyway. A ranger told us that, should a bear inquire about nourishment, we were to leave our packs on the ground for him, and walk away.