The Way to Conness 2

Conness 1

Conness 3
While normally Bill's instructions are meticulous, for a change his memory was a little faulty, and the description he gave of our route was less than adequate.

It of course also didn't help that I'd left the map at the condo.
Nor that there were two streams instead of one, but that we only found the wrong one and wondered why it was impossible to follow on the North bank of it, while all the open spaces were on the other side instead of ours. We wasted a lot of time stumbling around, but eventually backtracked and tried a different route. After fording a stream - the other stream - and making a couple of chancy corners, some hikers from the other direction confirmed we were on track. And a couple landmarks came up, that Bill had told us about.

In the bottom picture, we can see where we are heading: off towards the left, then follow the valley towards the right, then zag back to the left.