Mammoth 2010

Mammoth Lakes, California, 2010

photo courtesy of Bill Bushnell
Stella and Frank recycle their used attire from Karen and Matt's Wedding, and celebrate their own 10th Wedding Anniversary hiking in the Sierra.

Day one. Bill, David, Stella and Frank do our first hike at altitude. A hike along several lakes, and a climb to top of Chocolate Peak. It is more demanding than our first day the year before, and seems to go on forever. 11.5 km (7.3 miles), 580 m (1900') elevation gain.

Day two A little worn out from the day before, the four of us leave it at a pleasant stroll around Convict Lake. 3.7 km (2.3 miles), 40 m (130') elevation gain.

Day three. Bill says it was not an epic® hike because there were no real challenges.
Stella says it was not epicĀ® because we did not get lost, rained on, stuck on a ridge, bitten by snakes, misled by false trails, or caught by sunset and forced to hike the last miles in the dark - but it was fun anyway.
It was certainly a very long and strenuous hike, I think worthy of special praise. I think this was our toughest day. Duck Pass, Deer Pass and Mammoth Crest. 18 km (11.3 miles), 1000 m (3300') elevation gain.

Day four Today is a rest day of laziness at 'home', exploring what there is of 'town' for an hour, and finally -- our big Anniversary Dinner.

Day five: The epic® climb up Mt Starr, where Bill comes closest of us to achieving the summit - but he climbs the wrong one. Frank found this an interesting day, though not as physically demanding as the Passes two days before. 12.5 km (7.8 miles), 790 m (2600') elevation gain.

Day six: We really do nothing much, except pack our stuff and be lazy. We drove around a bit, and even climbed a hill (Panorama Dome), but we didn't take any pictures.

Day seven: We drive home.

Photo Album
Day 1 Dead Mouse Condo
Chocolate Peak 
Day 2 Convict Lake
Dinner at Home 
Day 3 Mammoth Crest 
Day 4 Anniversary Dinner 
Day 5 Mt. Starr 
Here is Bill's version of events.

In particular, Bill's site offers some magnificent panoramas from our climbs - I have inserted links in these pages to the panoramas on Bill's site.

Besides covering the same ground as this site, his pages also cover a downhill hike in Yosemite.