DSC07416 Photo Courtesy Bill Bushnell

Mammoth Trip, 2016

September 11

San Joaquin Ridge

Joining us, at least as far as the dirt road would go, were Beth and Greg, and Thomas, who had unexpectedly coincided with us on Sonora Pass the day before. The trio didn't want to wear themselves out today by coming along for the whole hike. They were acclimating here at 9000' (2750 m), and their big day would be Wednesday, tackling Mt Whitney, a "fourteener" (4400 m) and highest peak in the continental US. Their permit would require them to do the 22 mile (35 km) round trip as a day hike. But these are endurance athletes, who Stella knew from Team Bikeaholics, though their specific training was in the Texas flats. We later heard they'd accomplished their endeavour in very good time.