Click here for Bill's photo blog - a more complete, coherent narrative than ours.

Bill and I share a pool of photographs. We each made our selection from the pool. There is some overlap, but we do not collaborate in determining who uses which captures. The pool consisted of raw image files, and we each developed the photographs independently.

Mammoth 2018 Photo Albums

Annotated by Stella and Frank

Sep 16 Lookout Peak
Sep 17 Convict Lake
Sep 18 Tenaya Peak
Sep 19 Attempt on Shepherd Crest
Sep 21 Attempt on Volcanic Ridge


It was a good trip! We did a lot more class 3 stuff than usual, but also had more rest. As a caveat, both Bill and I had snafus with our cameras, so the photo quality is somewhat less than desired: while Bill accidentally shot in JPEG instead of raw format, Frank neglected to clean his lens often enough while shooting into the sun too much, resulting in too many flares.

  • On Day One we revisit Lookout Peak and finally make it up, but have an unpleasant time coming down.
  • On Day Two we recover from Day One, and just walk around Convict Lake.
  • On Day Three we bag Tenaya Peak, which is mostly walking up very steep slabs, and a little class 3. Stella isn't very happy walking down it.
  • On Day Four we make an attempt at Shepherd Crest. We're rather tired, and it turns into more of a route finding expedition for some other time.
  • On Day Five we have a real rest day, go shopping for beer and ice cream.
  • On Day Six is our Epic, though the attempt on Volcanic Ridge remains only an attempt. Stella finally gets to see Ediza.