Relive 'Sabrina to Midnight'

Mammoth Trip, 2021

September 28

Sabrina to Midnight

On our rest day yesterday, Stella and Frank had done some brainstorming about possible interesting hikes in the vicinity. Stella found several, and Frank mapped them out on Ride with GPS to get an idea of their difficulty. We were most intrigued by several variations on Mt Carson, but also looked at Reversed Peak as an easier alternative.

The weather wasn't playing along with us though. When we suggested these peaks to Bill, he pointed at the cold hard wind that would be blowing next day, and how we wouldn't want to be up on an exposed peak.

Bill suggested a long flat-ish hike to Midnight Lake instead, which wasn't really all that flat-ish at all, but was mostly cosily encased in forest. Stella and Frank agreed that this would be the better option, but to turn back early to conserve enough energy for an assault on Mt Carson on our last day. We thought, if we were really enjoying this hike, we might decide to sacrifice Carson and go the full distance.

Bill drove the Malibu to Bishop, insisting we get cheap gas there, which made sense since it wasn't a huge detour. Stella and Frank were getting somewhat annoyed by the tour we were taking of all the gas stations in Bishop in search of the cheapest one, which somehow eluded us. Bill was about to give up on finding cheap gas in Bishop, but we insisted he stop at the next station and fill up so we'd have a full tank and could finally get to Lake Sabrina. Which we did. -F.