Relive 'Agnew Lake'

Mammoth Trip, 2022

June 27

Agnew Lake

Last September while searching for ideas for nearby hikes and climbs, Stella came across not only Reversed Peak, but also Carson Peak. I found the latter intriguing and did some extensive research that evening, and devised several routes that should be class 2 all the way. My maximal plan was to do a loop, climbing one side and descending the other, but it was unclear which direction would be better, or if it would even be possible as the route would involve crossing Rush Creek to avoid a long march on the highway.

An attempt at Carson would require some scouting in any case, especially to get an idea if the descent route is viable. We had no expectation of doing more than an exploration today. Bill suggested the approach via Agnew Lake and Spooky Meadow, as he'd had a passing encounter with it in an earlier lifetime, and wanted to show us how unrelenting the climb was just to get to Spooky Meadow. -F