Mammoth Trip, 2022

July 01

We had intended to call up the June Lake marina to ask about the availability of kayaks and then to spend a couple hours on the water. We didn't want to commit to renting kayaks before our rock climbing day, not knowing if we'd still have useable arms.

When I went down to check something on the car, workmen were painting the curb of the parking lot and asked that we move our cars. When Bill tried to move his van, it would not start. It had been coughing and stuttering some on the drive to Mammoth and had been sitting in the lot the whole time. Bill had hoped it would at least get him back home.

We spent the day in the condo waiting for AAA to call Bill back to arrange a tow for tomorrow. We were still hoping for kayaking if Bill could just get this arranged. With some frustration we waited with Bill while AAA dropped the ball. Later in the day, too late for an outing on the water, after Bill had packed all his stuff and was ready to go, he finally got someone at AAA to help, and arranged for a tow early tomorrow.

At least we had a whole day to leisurely pack our belongings together in preparation for the drive home. -F.