Relive 'TJ Swan Cliff'

Mammoth Trip, 2022

September 29

TJ Swan Crags Rock Climb
Anchor Building and Lead Class

When I mentioned on Strava this summer how REI had cancelled the second class we'd booked with them (the first one too had been cancelled), this one in anchor building, our favorite climbing guide Jo jumped right in and said, "Me! Hire me!" She offered to construct a course for us, based on our individual needs that would replace the generic class REI had offered. The first time we had hired her was to make up for the cancelled REI course in outdoor rock climbing.

Like she made it easy for us, we made it easy for her, too. I had been practicing knots and anchors at home, and introduced Bill and Stella to them too. So more than instruction, we needed someone to check our work, find our mistakes and coach us. That was better than what REI could have offered.

And Jo did not disappoint! -F.