Normally, Bill would have been with us on this trip that we've done almost annually since 2007, and lately even twice a year. In that case, there would be a link right here to Bill's website and his photo albums and narratuive of our adventures. Unfortunately, this year Bill was unable to make it while he was attending his aging parents who had contracted Covid two weeks before our scheduled departure.

Mammoth 09/2023 Photo Albums

Annotated by Stella and Frank

September 25 Iris Slab
September 26 Cathedral Peak
September 27 Trad School
September 28 Horseshoe Lake
September 29 Ruby Ridge


This was our first trip to the Sierra without Bill since 2011! It was a rather different trip. The focus was very much around rock climbing, although we actually did precious little of that.

  • On Day One, We intend to top-rope Iris Slab, but totally get everything wrong.
  • On Day Two, We climb the Mountaineers Route. Stella's first time on Cathedral.
  • On Day Three, We get a trad climbing class with Jo.
  • On Day Four, We take a walk, and check out Horseshoe Slabs.
  • On Day Five, We climb some way up Ruby Ridge.