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Introduction A road trip
Oct 08 Long Beach - GreensburgLong Beach, NY - Greensburg, Pa.
Oct 09 Greensburg - Terre HauteGreensburg, Pa. - Terre Haute, In
Oct 10 Terre Haute - St. LouisTerre Haute, In - St. Louis, Mo.
Oct 11 St. Louis - Kansas CitySt. Louis, Mo - Kansas City, Mo.
Oct 12 Kansas City-ColbyKansas City, Mo. - Colby, Ks.
Oct 13 Colby-DenverKansas Photos
Denver Photos
Oct 14 Denver-Grand JunctionAriel's Croissants
Road to Junction City
Oct 15 Grand Junction-CortézRoad to cortéz
Mesa Verde: Petroglyph Point Trail
Mesa Verde: Spruce Tree House
Oct 16 Cortéz-KayentaMesa Verde: Cliff Palace
Mesa Verde: Knife Edge Trail
Oct 17 Kayenta-ChinleNavajo Nation: Monument Valley
Navajo Nation: Road to Chinle
Navajo Nation: Canyon de Chelly 1
Oct 18 Chinle=HolbrookNavajo Nation: Canyon de Chelly 2
Painted Desert
Oct 19 Holbrook-WilliamsIlsedore Rohlapp (Petrified Forest)
Walnut Canyon
Oct 20 WilliamsGrand Canyon 1
Oct 21 WilliamsGrand Canyon 2
Oct 22 Williams-San JoseRoad to San Jose
Trans America 2008

Stella and Frank Cross the Country

New York - California

Painted Desert, Arizona
Petrified Forest National Park