Pane alle Noci

Walnut bread with a half-half mix of whole wheat and unbleached bread flour, made with a two week old biga.


Flours and Salt; Mix of Water, Honey
and biga; Walnuts; Yeast in Water
Combined, and ready for stirring.
20 Minutes kneading. 8 Minutes mixing in the nuts.
Rise 90 Minutes to 2 Hours.
Arisen, punch down and rise another hour
After the second rising, we divide up the dough
and form two loaves of 1050 grams each.

These are covered and allowed to rise for
a third time, about 45 minutes,
while the over is preheating to 425°F.
The risen loaves are placed on a cornmeal-dusted peel, and slit along their lengths.
In the oven they are spritzed with water to give a crispier crust.
The loaves are baked about
45-50 minutes,
until they sound hollow when tapped
on the bottom.
The finished loaves are moved from
the oven onto a peel,
and finally onto a cooling rack.

Franco Galli: The Il Fornaio Baking Book: Sweet and Savory Recipes from the Italian Kitchen Chronicle Books, 1993