Duck Pass 1
September 13, 2009

Mammoth 2009

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Lembert Dome 2

Duck Pass 2
This was a very nice day. The sky was blue and pleasant. Bill had decided to make this his bike ride day, and he went on a ride with Ron and Alice. David, Stella and Frank drove to the Coldwater Campground trailhead, and climbed to Duck Pass. For Frank it was also an especially good day because, whether due to his multiple sclerosis or altitude sickness, yesterday's hike had been very tough and discouraging. He had been very slow and wondered whether all the training had been for naught. While he did not set a blistering pace today either, hiking was much easier and enjoyable. Everything was going to be okay. He soon discovered that using his hiking sticks was actually costing him energy, and his speed increased some when he put them away.