Mammoth 2009

Mammoth Lakes, California

This was our - Stella's and Frank's - second visit to the Mammoth Lakes area of the Sierra Nevada. The first visit was in 2007.

Day one was a group hike up Gaylor Peak and Lembert Dome with Bill and David and Ron Bobb.

Day two. Bill went along with Ron and Alice on a bike ride while David, Stella and I hiked up to Duck Pass. It was a very enjoyable day.

Day three. After a visit to Alice and Ron's camper, the rest of us four set off on the day's "leisurely walk" through the Little Lakes Valley.

Day four we finally declared a rest day, also it was Stella and Frank's can-you-believe-it ninth anniversary, and we stuffed a whole bunch into this day without any serious hiking involved.
Besides that, we've been married *nine* years today!

Day five: our Epic Hike [tm]. Starting at Saddlebag Lake we shunned the ferry and skirted the lake on foot, and then climbed up the side of North Peak to the summit, and returned the same way.

Photo Album
Day 1 Gaylor Peak and Lembert Dome 
Day 2 Duck Pass 
Day 3 Little Lakes Valley and Morgan Pass 
Day 4 Horseshoe Lake 
Earthquake Fault 
Mammoth Mountain 
Devil's Postpile 
Anniversary Dinner 
Day 5 North Peak 
Bill also has an excellent site!
Here is Bill's version of events.