Click here for Bill's photo blog - a more extensive photo selection and more complete, coherent narrative than mine.

Bill and I shared a common pool of photographs. We each made our selection from the common pool, which included ours, but also some of Bogdan Marian's captures. There is some overlap, but we did not collaborate in determining who uses which shots.

I selected some of my own for these pages and developed them to my sense and taste, and insisted that Bill leave them as is if he used them also. Of the others, I performed some light editing of the RAW files before putting them in the pot, but we each developed each others photos for our own sites, so that even where there is overlap, the result will reflect our respective styles.

With the exception of two end-of-hike photos [1][2] which I darkend, I did not edit Bogdan's photos, but presented them as is.


On Day One, Bill and I are on the road by sunrise, through the Rim Fire smoke in Sonora, climb Sonora Peak, drive on to Mammoth over Sonora Pass.

On Day Two we do an active Rest Day hike in Little Lakes Valley, where we meet up with Ron and Alice, and have a pizza.

On Day Three, I do a short run in the morning, and then Bill and I do a 50 km ride to Red's Meadow.

On Day Four we meet with Pauline and Bogdan, and do a photo expedition on Gaylor Peak.

On Day Five we do a 28.5 km (18 mile) epic hike past the Minarets - a hike Bill has been looking to do a very long time.

On Day Six we really do rest. Really.

On Day Seven we finish with a big bang for the buck on Echo Ridge and Cathedral Peak.