Click here for Bill's photo blog - a more extensive photo selection and more complete, coherent narrative than mine.

Bill and I share a pool of photographs. We each made our selection from the pool. There is some overlap, but we did not collaborate in determining who uses which captures. The pool consisted of raw image files, and we each developed the photographs independently.

Mammoth 2017 Photo Albums

Annotated by Stella and Frank

Sep 09 Sonora Pass East (Frank)
Sep 10 Mammoth Crest North
Sep 11 Valentine Peak
Sep 12 Benton Crossing
Sep 13 Mt Hoffmann
Sep 14 Circus Tent Hill
Sep 15 Thousand Islands Lake Loop
Sep 16 Sonora Pass East (Stella)


We all agree that this has been a good trip! We found a nice place to stay, nobody got sick, we were active every day, and bagged a couple of peaks.

  • On Day Zero, Frank climbs Sonora Pass East by bike on the way to Mammoth.
  • On Day One we do a short version of the Mammoth Crest Loop, which was strenuous and tiring, but left us acclimated and ready to go on the next one.
  • On Day Two we were surprised that the moderately challenging Valentine Peak was much more than moderately challenging.
  • On Day Three we don't quite have a rest day bike ride to Benton Crossing. Stella peels off first, Frank follows the plan, and Bill just goes on forever.
  • On Day Four we summit Mt Hoffmann and some pinnacles. This has been on Frank and Stella's agenda since failing to summit on their first trip to the Sierra in 2005.
  • On Day Five we revisit the Mono Craters and climb what we didn't last year, a sandy hill that looks like a Circus Tent.
  • On Day Six we do a long and beautiful loop out of Agnew Meadows to Thousand Island Lake.
  • On Day Seven we went home, and Stella climbed Sonora Pass East.