Mammoth Trip, 2018

September 18

Tenaya Peak

Feeling quite recovered after our recovery hike, we took up Bill's proposal for another peak attempt. On his way home in 2015, Bill had scouted out the beginnings of a climb up the ridge of Tenaya Peak. We had no idea how far we would get. If we found out early enough that it was too difficult, we could descend into Tenaya Canyon as far as (but no further than) the point of no return, or likewise, if Tenaya Peak was too easy and we had lots of energy left, we could do the same.

Neither was the case. The attempt was successful, but tiring. I for my part had a lot of fun on this, which is not wholly true for everyone else, as I enjoy climbing up steep granite slabs so long as they are grippy enough for adequate adherence, or there are ample cracks and hand and foot holds. All of this applied.

The night before, I had watched several videos to get an idea what we were in for. Alas, all the Tenaya Peak YouTube videos were of the Northwest Buttress, which is well outside our means. They did freak me out enough, though, to cause me a sleeplessly anxious night. -F.