Mammoth Trip, 2019

September 14

Sonora Pass West

Though we'd even discussed not bringing the bikes on our Mammoth trip this year, considering we hadn't used them at all in 2018, I wanted to make another Personal Record (PR) attempt on Sonora Pass West. I had done it in 1:23:46 in 2016, and it seemed I should be able to beat that.

Unlike that time, I started in Dardanelle to give myself a 10 km warm up befor starting the climb out of Kennedy Meadows.

I had the GoPro mounted under the handlebar, thinking to shoot video of the climb. Alas, something went wrong, and I wound up with an SD card full of stills, with just one video of part of the descent. But maybe that's a good thing, as a video of the climb would have been unbearable. And thus, there are photos. -F