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Bill and I share a pool of photographs. We each made our selection from the pool. There is some overlap, but we do not collaborate in determining who uses which captures. The pool consisted of raw image files, and we each developed the photographs independently.

Mammoth 2019 Photo Albums

Annotated by Stella and Frank

Sep 14 Sonora Pass West
Sep 15 Crystal Crag
Sep 16 Valentine Lake
Sep 17 Sherwin Crest (attempts)
Sep 18 Red Peak
Sep 19 Bristlecone Forest
Sep 20 Shepherd Crest


We had an easy trip this year. We had started training late, and weren't up for an Epic, and the weather was charaterized by strong winds that kept us from climbing too much. Also, we spent an unusual amount of time very close to Mammoth. But we did have a good time, and took lots of photos.

  • On Day Zero, Frank makes a PR attempt on Sonora Pass West, but comes up short..
  • On Day One, we look at Crystal Crag as a possible replacement for Lookout Peak.
  • On Day Two, we have very strong winds and decide not to climb a peak or ridge, and hike through the forest instead.
  • On Day Three, we try several routes to Sherwin Crest, but none of them work out. Bill and Frank check out the old mines.
  • On Day Four, we manage to gain Sherwin Crest and Red Peak, but the fierce wind kept up from following the ridge. Frank shows Stella the mines.
  • On Day Five, we drive to the White Mountains to tour the Bristlecone Forest.
  • On Day Six, we put in a hard day, and summit Shepherd Crest, which had eluded us the year before.