Relive 'Shepherd Crest'

Mammoth Trip, 2019

September 20

Shepherd Crest

There were a number of "unfinished business" projects up for discussion for this trip, and we had had some notion of accomplishing several of those. And we had some notion of an 'epic', which might also be among those former. We considered another run at Volcanic Ridge, which we failed to complete last year, but for one, we had a hard time deciding between doing a car shuttle, scheduling a taxi ride, or attempting to use Lyft to bridge beginning and end. Or hitchhiking.

We all felt a little itchy to accomplish something, because while we had made the best of it, it seemed that the weather had kept us from acheiving much. And there was the naggng feeling that we were undertrained and underconditioned for an epic this year.

We quickly agreed on attempting Shepherd Crest again. Last year, we had under-estimated it, and when we saw what we needed to do, we flinched. We had been tired, and not expecting a hard effort. It's not really an epic, but it is hard work, and it presented a good challenge. And this time, we faced it with determination. -F