Relive 'Carson Project'

Mammoth Trip, 2022

June 28

Carson Project

Eventually it would be nice to summit Carson Peak. But it has become clear that this won't be the trip we do it. It's 1100 m on tough class 2 terrain if we are lucky, and after yesterday I think it's out of the question for this week. Right now we are gathering data, experience, ideas.

Last night we sat at the computer and looked at the route I had plotted out last September. I had oriented myself on someone's climb report (I haven't been able to locate it again), and it sounded like tough class 2 all the way, with some class 3 options. Bill scrutinized my course and decided it was too steep, we'd never get up that grade! Not having seen it in person, I shrugged my shoulders and let Bill plot out a more gradual course for tomorrow. We checked maps and satellite images, and decided it would be hard, but probably manageable. -F.