Maui, 2017

Pi'ilani Highway

After a snorkeling day of rest, I was ready for another, easy, bike ride before returning the bikes. We found a turnout to park in about 3/4 of the way to the bottom of the climb.

We set out after realizing we hadn't any sun screen along. We began climbing, hoping to come across a place that sold sun screen somewhere, before we burn crisp. -F.

We rode from Keokea, in the highlands near the base of Haleakalā, around to the base of Maui, the remote side where few people live and only one rough road goes. The miles near Keokea were lush and green, cooler than the lowlands. As we proceed south, the scenery gets wilder, the road turns into a roller coaster, and the signs of human habitation almost disappear. The south side is the dry side, in the lee of the volcano, but we didn't get as far as the really desert-like part. -S.