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This is not english prose. This is a translation which attempts to capture the character of the German original, which in turn was rather stilted. Caveat Lector.

Furniture Building Projects

For warmth production during the winter months, wooden rests are manufactured. An ad hoc workshop to this end has been installed in the garage.

This workshop has been augmented by a blank solid slab door, which whiles its life as a workbench. It turned out, namely, that it was difficult to produce wood rests without a solid slab door.

Other byproducts of firewood production occur besides. For example, slowly decomposing compost. Woodchips. Sawdust. Lots of sawdust. And furniture.

Good, well, okay. After lots of hesitating, procrastinating and collecting of machines, I have finally begun to allow myself to be inspired by some of my Berliner friends, whose self-built kitchens I have long since admired, to begin a series of projects myself, which are to lead eventually , among other things, to our own self-built kitchen (you see what you got me into!)

These here are (more or less) finished:
a). Spice Cabinet
b). Pot Lid Cabinet
c). Stella's Night Stand
d). Sconces
e). Coatrack
f). Credenza

Here's the shop in 2009.