Mammoth Trip, 2018

September 16

Lookout Peak

Bill, I think, threw the suggestion out there, and the rest of us immediately agreed: We'll make a third attempt at Lookout Peak. That was likely the easiest and quickest decision for a first day hike we've made in all these years.

We had made two previous attempts, one of which was thwarted by rain, the other on the same route when we ran into a steep, loose chute that would have required huge energy to climb, too much, in any case, for an easy first day hike.

Having studied topo maps after those first attempts, I was pretty convinced that we needed to approach from the other end of Ruby Lake. I briefly sketched that out, and we had a plan! I, for one, actually had a good night's sleep that first night. -F.

I knew none of us would be content until we made it to the top of Lookout Peak. -S.