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On page 20, Pane alle Noci (Walnut bread), there is a photographic baking description.
If you prefer a pornographic baking description, enjoy this poem instead.
After years of Frank dragging home identical loaves of "fresh" bread weekly from Safeway, which then got half eaten before turning stale and hard and feeding the compost pile, one day last December Stella suggested to Frank on the evening couch, instead of building all sorts of useless furniture, why don't you maybe, say, bake bread instead?

Stella used to bake bread, at first by hand, then when she no longer had the time, by machine; but the machine bread wasn't as good, and so it went. After they were married, Frank would drag home weekly loaves from Safeway, which neither of them particularly liked.

But as Frank has successfully twice built Chanukah challah and was intrigued by the miracle of the bread's rising, Stella dragged to him upon the evening couch a pile of bread books. Stella used to use bread books long ago, when she baked bread, first by hand, then by machine.

And so it went. Frank read a bread book (Daniel Leader:Bread Alone) and became inspired, and bought baking stone tiles and fashioned a baker's peel, and baked. And then Stella baked some, too. And they've been baking every couple weeks ever since. And so it goes.